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Prince Harry for Governor General of Canada

A Modest (Canadian) Proposal to Resolve the Windsor Family Feud:

The Problem

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex desire lives that, financially, are independent of the British Crown; that, geographically, are spent disproportionately in North America; and that, professionally, reduce their daily exposure to the British media and public’s collective preoccupation with invasive coverage of the Royal Family.

The Conflict

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to de facto and, perhaps, eventually de jure abdicate from their titled positions has acutely displeased the Queen and other senior members of the Royal Family. The British media disapproves of, and much of the British public is deeply disappointed in, the Sussex’s decision to largely ‘retire’ from the monarchy while raising their son part-time in a former colony.

A Solution?

The commonsense solution is a characteristically Canadian one, that is, a modest, pragmatic, sensitive proposal that provides a compromise between, yet also a mutually beneficial outcome for, both of the House of Windsor’s warring factions.

Without delay, the Canadian Government should announce that Prince Harry shortly will replace the
underperforming, arguably part time, Julie Payette as the country’s Governor General and, therefore, as the Queen’s envoy to one of the more (perhaps, the most) important Commonwealth countries.

Harry As Governor General Is a Win-Win-Win for…

The House of Windsor

The Royal Family would keep Prince Harry within the monarchical tent ensuring that he continues to earn his keep, so to speak, performing dutiful service as the Queen’s representative for the duration of his five year tenure. Furthermore, his Canadian posting would enhance the British monarchy’s contemporary relevance in North America due both to his familial proximity to the next two British kings and his personable nature.

Harry & Meghan

There are myriad reasons for Harry and Meghan to base the next segment of their lives in Ottawa:

• The Royal Family will be appeased, even satisfied with the arrangement.
• The couple can reside full-time outside the UK without either the ongoing pretense or the stress of sharing their lives between England and North America.
• The couple will retain, arguably increase, the gold dust that only royalty can confer upon the
Celebrity Class.
• Harry’s brand will be enhanced by his new-found statesmanlike status as a performer of not simply ceremonial duties but also the possessor of actual constitutional powers.
• Meghan’s brand will be enhanced by her spending part of her time as the influential spouse of a
prestigious office holder, as well her commercial product line, her acting career, and voiceover work.
• The couple’s global brand will be aided by such a tangible association with Canada; after all,
around the world everyone likes those polite, modest, friendly, diplomatic Canadians.
• Their son, Archie, will have a stable place of residence during the formative part of his childhood.
• Tenancy in the Governor General’s residence will serve as a smooth (and, in some quarters, far
more explicable) segue to permanent Canadian residency in the country that Harry, like his wife
before him, will come to call “home.”


Canadians share their southern neighbours fascination with Royal Family soap opera. A House of Windsor spin-off set on Canadian soil would be wildly popular among the media and a mass audience.
Consequently, it would be a slam-dunk public relations coup for Prime Justin Trudeau, which would provide distraction and a welcome relief for him and his governing party from recent scandals, reflections upon an underwhelming election performance, and a growing focus upon a cloudy economic outlook and.

The inauguration of this woke, millennial couple featuring a war veteran and his entrepreneurial,
independent-minded spouse would fit neatly into the Liberal government’s socially progressive, pro-immigration narrative. Yet, the appointment would be supported across the Canadian political
establishment, as Trudeau’s Liberal government would be elevating the status of the best friend of former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s daughter-in-law.

Family conflicts involving money, power, houses, and childhood never have perfect solutions. However,
there are often mutually advantages ways of resolving them that minimize the damage to all parties.
The appointment of the Duke of Sussex to the role of Governor General of Canada may be the least bad option to settle this latest Windsor family feud.

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