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17 April 2017


13 April 2017



12 April 2017


11 April 2017


5 April 2017


21 March 2017
Article VThe Democracy Institute releases its report, “Opening Pandora’s Box? Why the Convention of States Project Will Fail,” on the respective campaigns to invoke an Article V-mandated convention that would enable the states to bypass Congress, the President, the courts, and the federal bureaucracy. The report finds that a limited convention on a single issue, such as a balanced budget amendment or congressional term limits, is far more likely than a thematic one to be a successful convention. Only narrowly focused, non-partisan, single amendment convention solutions offer the likelihood of eventual ratification and the promise of positive change.

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13 February 2017
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11 February 2017 

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3 February 2017




21 January 2017


20 January 2017
In his cover article for the leading trade magazine, Tobacco Reporter, Patrick Basham assesses the tobacco and vapor industries respective futures under the incoming Trump administration 

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20 January 2017
BBC World Service


19 January 2017
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13 January 2017


29 December 2016

16 December
16 December Patrick Basham outlines why it's probable that Donald Trump will be a good foreign policy president
12 December 2016


29 November 2016


23 November 2016


12 November 2016


9 November 2016
The Daily Star newspaper writes about the Democracy Institute's US election eve poll predicting a Trump victory

Daily Star


9 November 2016


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